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Do you want to relax after a long, stressful day? Restore your energy and indulge yourself with relaxing music, magical scents and essential oils!

The energy massage of the whole body aims to reach and maintain physical and mental balance and peace. The massage therapist, using essential oils that help relaxation, warms up the skin and the muscles along the main energy lines with long, powerful movements to prepare the body for deep tissue massage. The aroma oils used for the massage are mainly blends of vegetable oils and essential oils which have beneficial effects in the deeper tissue section while making the skin velvety soft.  Besides, inhaling the essential oils not only relax the body but also the soul and the mind providing the experience of real relaxation. The aromatherapy massage also contributes to preventing illnesses by balancing the energies and dissolving blockages. It is an outstanding stress reliever, it harmonizes and strengthens the whole body and facilitates its self-healing processes.

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