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By gently stimulating the reflex zones on the foot, it harmonizes the entire body.

Foot massage (also known as reflexology) is an ancient cure with approximately 4200 years old history first used first by ancient Egyptians.

Its basic principle is that every organ of the body is connected through energy channels, these are the so called meridians. With the help of more than 70,000 nerves found on the foot, foot massage is able to examine the condition of the entire body and to treat it effectively. Reflex zones found on the foot connect to different organs, and following a preliminary health check, they help determine what blockage can cause issues in a certain body part. Massaging the corresponding zones can directly stimulate or calm the organs down through the energy pathways.


  • can increase blood flow,

  • can improve the function of the lymph drainage,

  • has a beneficial effect on the metabolism which leads to the release of excreta,

  • regulates endocrine glands,

  • strengthens the immune system,

  • has a positive effect on the heart, circulation and respiratory system,

  • reduces bladder and kidney problems.

Foot massage plays an important role not only in treating the symptoms but also in prevention.

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