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Relieve everyday stress, let your body and mind breathe during our Traditional Thai Massage!

The major purpose of this type of massage is to heal rather than indulge. It is rooted in India, and was created by Buddha’s doctor, Jivaka Komarabhaccha. Even though the method has changed over the centuries, the basic principle – that is, the recovery of energy system and the free flow of energy – has remained the cornerstone of traditional Thai massage for thousands of years.

Traditional Thai massage is also called dry massage as the massage therapist does not use oil or cream. The client is lying on the ground on a comfortable mattress wearing loose clothes. During the therapy the massage therapist massages through the client’s body through the clothes using not only his/her fingers and hands but also his/her elbow, knee and foot to help stretch the muscles and the energy flow.

The massage therapist stimulates a number of energy channels and acupuncture points in the body in order to achieve free flow, physical and mental refreshment.


  • it relaxes the muscles

  • it results in a generally better feeling

  • it releases the tension both in body and mind

  • it stimulates the autonomic nervous system

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